Monday, June 13, 2011

Know your limits while traveling

We are so excited to have Marcello Arrambide as our guest blogger today.  He is not only a fantastic travel blogger, but a very gifted photographer.  (Be sure to check out his bio at the end!)  Please enjoy his accounts of knowing (and testing) his limits in South America.  We look forward to more posts from you Marcello!

Know Your Limits While Traveling

by: Marcello Arrambide

When you are traveling around the world there are many things that you need to consider.  Its not just about vaccinations and trying to save money everywhere you go.  When you travel you have to know your limits in every respect.  I tested my limits on my trip to Paraguay.  The capital city of Asuncion is commonly known as one of the cheapest capitals in the world.  I tested my limits at the $3 dollar all you can eat pork dish at a local eatery and at the Brazilian Favela (ghetto) that I found shortly after.  I personally like the unknown and my first thought was to walk right into the favela.

I pondered it for a minute whether it would be very dangerous but I figured it wouldn't be as bad as the places I have been in the United States or even in other countries in South America.  (When I was seeing some of the Argentina tourist attractions in Buenos Aires I accidentally drove into the part of the city where tourist reportedly get kidnapped!  When I went to Carnival this year in Brazil, I walked through one of the worst part of the cities as well--- at dark!)  I figured walking into the front of a ghetto with kids running around shouldn't be a problem.
 aerial view of the Brazilian favela in Paraguay

One of the unique things about Paraguay is that the poorest part of the city rests a few feet away from the Presidential palace.  The history museum (that you shouldn't visit) is right on the cliff where favela can be seen.  In the opposite direction you can view a small neighborhood where they live out of boats that sit on stilts on the beach.  Seeing the favela and how the other side lives in Paraguay is almost unmistakable.

After I decided to enter, a man was walking out and approached me.  He advised that I really REALLY did not want to enter the favela since its one of the most dangerous parts of the city.  I later asked a few Paraguayan friends about that area and they told me that the police don't even enter that zone because its  so dangerous.  Sometimes we want to be adventurous and experience new things but we also have to know our limits.  Accidents will happen but when something doesn't feel right you should move on and forget about it, there will always be another adventure around the corner.

Marcello Arrambide is a long term traveler that has been living overseas much of his life.  He shares his travel tips, experiences, and travel advice on his travel blog:  He currently is living in Colombia finishing his tour of South America and will be heading to Kenya in August.


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