Friday, February 11, 2011

Flying Fish in Barbados

One of my favorite things about traveling is sampling the local cuisine. 
The local food in Barbados is made with a variety of ingredients, most of which will be familiar to you, but are enhanced with local herbs and spices to create a distinct Bajan flavor.

The local dish which is synonymous with Barbados is flying fish and cou cou, traditionally served on Fridays. The skillfully boned flying fish is rolled and stewed down in gravy made with herbs, tomatoes, garlic, onions and butter. Cou cou is similar to polenta, made with yellow corn meal but cooked with finely chopped okras, water and butter. Cou cou can also be made with breadfruit and green bananas and is served with salt fish or beef stew.

Check out the awesome video below about flying fish!  (it may make you rethink eating them... come on, they can fly!  But they are also tasty!)

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