Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brazil- Ya gotta know when to go!

Since Brazil is such an enormous country it varies in climate, with 5 different climate zones. Although 90% of the country is within the tropical climate zone, more than 60 percent of the population lives in one of the other four regions: equatorial, semi arid, highland tropical, and subtropical. Since Brazil is in the Southern Hemisphere, seasons are opposite from the Northern Hemisphere's seasons. Generally in Brazil's summer time, temperatures are never above 29C (85F), making Brazil a good year-round destination.

If you happen to travel to the Amazon, It is important to be mindful of the Rainy season. Beginning in mid-October and lasting until March, northern Brazil experiences daily showers. Some advantages of avoiding the rainy season means dealing with less mosquitoes, more pleasant hikes or other outdoor activities, and river life sighting. Advantages of traveling during the rainy season however mean Amazon tours will be cooler, and it will be easier to spot wildlife and pretty plants like acacias (pictured below).