Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Animals of Laos

Lao rainforests are home to several different exotic animal found uniquely to Southeast Asia. On your trip to Laos, be on the look out for these cute creatures!

The Red Panda

The Asian Golden Cat

Asian Leopard Cat

Indo- Chinese Tiger

Several of the beautiful animals native to Laos are endangered. The tigers in particular, are at a high risk of becoming extinct, due to a high demand of tiger bones and organs for traditional Chinese medicines. Learn more about the endangered species in Laos.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Laos- Ancient Ruins

Laos has a lot to offer in terms of history and culture. Scattered throughout the country are ancient Khmer ruins dating back to as early as the fifth century.

Check out the Phu Ruins, Champassak, Laos

The main Sanctuary of the ancient Khmer temple of Wat Phu

This temple is believed to represent a small scale version of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Temples like these are meant to represent the universe, and are very sacred to ancient Laos. Originally, this temple was intended to be a Hindu shrine, but was later transformed into a Buddhist shrine.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Laos- Tourism Prospects

Tourism Prospects for Champassak province, Laos!

Champassak province in Laos is reaming with possibility for growth in Tourism. Anticipation of about 15 percent growth is expected after they host the Mekong Tourism Forum (may 2011). The event will lend great exposure to the idle region that has little tourism from the western world and is made up of people from neighboring regions. There is opportunity in Champassak; take a preliminary tour!


(promoting eco-agriculture tourism)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Restaurant suggestions in Laos

Lao Food
Food is an essential part of culture in Laos. On your trip, why not stop in one of these fantastic restaurants, and have a savory meal for less than $2!

Tamnak Lao Restaurant

This Lao restaurant is popular among locals and tourists. Tamnak features many traditional Lao dishes like Mokepha, which is steamed fish in banana leaves mixed with onion, garlic, pepper and coconut milk. Also be sure to try another favorite which is Lap Chicken: fried minced-chicken with spring onion, lemon grass, coriander, red chili, fresh lime juice and hard-sticky rice fried brown.

L’Opera Italian Restaurant

This trendy restaurant was the first Italian Restaurant to open in the Lao capital in 1992. The food served has a mix of Roman and Sicilian flare. Be sure to try either the Pan-fried Escallops with sea Scallops or the Spaghetti al Nero.

The Spirit House

The Spirit House is located on the banks of the Mekong River. Its beer garden offers a great location for a cold beer while watching the sunset over the river. The food served is a variety of western, Lao, Japanese and Thai cuisine. Also, the Spirit house serves the best cocktail bar in town, where you can enjoy a great night out with fabulous martinis. The Spirit house also has a 100 inch screen TV, where you can watch all the main sporting events from around the world.

Laos Youth Football World Cup Status

Well Perhaps Laos doesn’t have an adult soccer team
to go compete in the World Cup.
Don’t close your eyes on the youth action!
Here is some footage of the Laos Youth Football team
from Phonsavanh taking on the competition
at the World Youth Cup 2010 in Gothenburg Sweden.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Great Sites in Laos

Since Laos is Passport Health’s country of the month, we have decided to show you some great sites to see on your trip through Laos.

Visit the capital, Vientiane!

This interesting city is the capital of Laos, with a compelling history dating back to French Colonial Times. Be sure to check out Vientiane’s fascinating Buddhist monestaries like Wat Sisaket, and markets where you can find great Eastern goods, like the Morning Market. You’ll be surprised at how this bustling city has maintained its traditional village life.

Go on a once in a life time cycling trip through Laos!

Laos has some incredibly beautiful terrain, with rolling hills and fascinating little villages. So if you’re an athlete or an adventure traveler, why not take a bicycle tour through the beautiful country? Companies like Backroads Travel offer reasonable tours.

Ride an Elephant!

Laos, known as “land of a million elephants” is slowly losing its elephant population. Luckily, organizations like Tiger Trail have created ecotourism in Laos, where these animals can find refuge. On your trip to Laos head to the Elephant Park, located in Luang Phabang to ride an elephant.