Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mexican-Inspired Fashion Trends 2010!

1. One fashion trend that will always remain classic and authentic to Mexican culture is the- PEASANT TOP! This look, while loose and flowy can be worn for casual outings or a festive night party! **Be sure to lather up those exposed arms with plenty of sunscreen with at least 30 SPF and don’t forget all other exposed areas.

Bling out your outfits whether simple or fancy. Do this with earrings, rings or bracelets that reflect the beauty of the sun in Mexico! **Mirrored jewelry is generally a safer option to travel with as opposed to the real thing and will have the same amazing bedazzle!

3. ANYTHING EMBROIDERED! Detail your wardrobe with enthusiastic zigs and zags, coils and curls of intricate designs on almost anything. Whether it be, your tops or bottoms, hats or fanny pack you’ll more than fit in with the traditions!

** Be sure to refrain from any tattooing of any sort, while traveling. Sanitation and medical standards in Mexico are not the same as in the US, so the risk of infections can be very high. Feel free to embroider things other than your skin!

4. Don’t be afraid of BRIGHT COLORS! While sometimes people are shy about color, take advantage of your trip and explore the rainbow of color options in Mexican fashion. Wear a colorful flower in your hair to spruce up all collections or for ladies simply wear bright nail color. (OPI nail color is a good starting point). You can start with colors ranging anywhere from “Pink Flamenco” to “Conquistadorable Color.”

**Color your speech with preparation. It never hurts to know some of the basics of the language or languages spoken in your region of travel.

5. Last but not least, care to splurge a bit? GET BACK TO FASHION. If you’re already into fashion and want to continue after your return, PRADA has a nice Mexican themed printed canvas bag that is sure to enhance your cultural senses. There are also more modest price points in lines like Rocket dog MEXICO for some nice new zapatos or the De Florista dress by Modcloth!

**Don’t forget to follow-up on those booster shot appointments as well as general check-ups upon your return too!

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