Tuesday, May 11, 2010

South Africa: History

There seems to be general agreement that humankind had its EARLIEST origins in Africa! South Africa is rich in fossil evidence of the evolutionary history of the human family, going back several million years…..

1652 -South Africa was settled by the Dutch as a stopping point for ships on their way to the East Indies. Fruit and vegetables were grown here to battle the problem of scurvy aboard passing ships. The Dutch first settled the area that was to become Cape Town and with time expanded across the entire tip of southern Africa.

1815- After the Napoleonic wars , South Africa changed hands and became a British colony. Many of the Dutch went north to get away from the English.

1910- South Africa became a union, a coalition between the English and Afrikaner states.

1960- South Africa gained independence from British rule and became a republic. This period was to be very difficult time for many people since Apartheid was fully enforced.

During the 90’s- with the release of Nelson Mandela (who eventually became president) and the abolition of the Apartheid laws, South Africa went through an amazing transformation!
South Africa has journeyed through great obstacles to become a nation whose dream of unity is now capable of realization for its entire people!

Present- Its been a long and violent journey for the people of South Africa and though things have come a long way there is still a long way to go.  Check out a great post about the township of Khayelitsha from Alex and Mina of ...Sending Postcards.  It is a story of hardship and hope as the beautiful people of this South African township find happiness in their everyday lives. 

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