Friday, April 9, 2010

Japan- Staying Connected

Below are a few alternatives for you to stay connected with family and friends while you are traveling Japan.

Internet – “Manga cafes" are dotted along the streets of almost every city in Japan. For a very reasonable price (about 100 Yen – US$1.09 per 15 minutes), you receive a private cubicle with a PC with internet access at blistering Japanese internet speeds. The chairs are incredibly comfortable (making them an excellent place to sleep for the cash-deprived), and you can even order snacks and drinks from the staff.

Phone – You can buy prepaid international phone cards from just about any convenience store. Or if you decided to use a pay phone, you will find them available in most stations. Here are the instructions on how to make an International Telephone Call.

Post – The Japanese postal service is excellent! Domestic and international mail service is very quick and reliable. There are post offices in every major city and minor town. Another thing to remember is that the post office is one of the few places in Japan that is guaranteed to have ATMs that take international cards.

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