Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Peru: Where to Stay

Since hotels in Peru are fairly cheap you could choose to stay primarily in cheap hostels for the bulk of your stay, and every once and a while upgrade to a more luxurious experience. (Depending on your budget of course.)

For example, El Albergue, in Ollantaytambo, is an American-owned hostel right next to the railroad tracks (but much quieter than imagined).This comfortable little place has just a few rooms and shared bathrooms. Beds are exceptional, and the ambiance, with serene gardens and Labrador retrievers running around, is great. There’s also a cool wood-fired Sauna, which in addition to the traditional, gives off an aromatic woodsy fragrance!
 Garden at El Albergue

 Room at El Albergue

If you are traveling for work, the MiraFlores Park Hotel is the top business traveler’s hotel located in Lima. The Park Hotel is the height of style with spacious rooms,huge bathrooms, and a chic restaurant and bar.There's also a small pool and a gym/sauna on the top floor.

Second Home Peru in Lima takes Bed and Breakfast’s to whole new level. This small inn occupies the home of one of Peru's best-known artists, Victor Delfín. The rooms are elegant and airy, and the entire house is a small museum of Delfín's work.

Room in Second Home Peru

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  1. El Albergue is a small but quite peaceful and silent place to stay in Peru. It is a lush green and serene place to stay with quietness and satisfaction. It is an absolutely perfect and cheap accommodation for travelers.