Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Peru: Music and Dance

Peru is a culture that is rich in music and dance. Much of Peru's music is derived from Andean, Andalusian Spanish and African roots. The Pre-Hispanic Andean musicians mostly used wind instruments such as the quena, the pinkillo, the erke, the antara or siku (also called zampoña), the pututo or pototo, etc. They also used diverse membranophone instruments such as the tinya (hand drum), the wankar and instrument of big dimensions, the pomatinyas - made of puma's skin. With the Spanish conquest, new instruments arrived like harps, guitars, vihuelas, bandurrias, lutes, etc.

Dance in Peru now has a Latin influence with dances like Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata.  Parts of Peru still hold on to traditional dances such as the Marinera, Huayno, and my personal favorite the Scissors Dance.   The Scissors Dance is a beautiful display of art and physical dexterity where dancers showcase their skills and "cut" into the unknown all around them.

Don't try this one at home, folks!


  1. Peru has a great and much lively culture of dance and music. The people of Peru are so lively and energetic and entertaining. They enjoy music and dance a lot and have a rich culture and tradition of salsa and other famous dance culture.

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