Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Peru: Extending Your Stay

Tourists are allowed to receive visa extensions totaling three months. After this time the traveler must leave the country (to get an extension). This simply entails crossing the border and returning again (ask for the full 90 when you return). There is conflicting information whether 48-hours must pass before re-admittance.

One-month visa extensions cost US$20 per month, plus a fee of approximately 25 soles for processing. Extensions of the tourist visa can be purchased for up to three months. Extensions can be purchased on a monthly basis, or can be purchased all at once on your visit to the immigration office—depending on how nice the immigration is feeling at that particular moment.

If you are in Lima, go to the immigration office and show your passport to enter the building. Pick up the Visa Extension form at the information desk on the first floor. Visa extensions are handled on the third floor. They will want a copy of your passport front page (w/signature), the page with your latest entry stamp, and the Andean Migration Card.(you can use google to translate to English)

Go to the window that says "Prorrogas Residencia" and present your passport and tourist visa card. The official will give you a receipt for $20. At this time, you will need to go down to the first floor, make a copy of your visa and passport. You can then pay for the extension at the Banco de la Nacion, located down the corridor from the copy machine. There may be long lines for the bank. Fill out the form and return to the same teller on the third floor. Give the official your stamped receipt and your filled-out form. After this you will be asked to wait for your passport and extended visa, which shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes.

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