Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thailand: how to stay connected back home

Traveling outside the country could be challenging sometimes, especially whenever you want to stay connected with family and friends that are not traveling with you. International call is one of many ways to be able to communicate with them. All you need to do is dial 001 followed by the relevant country code then the number you wish to call.

Here’s how it works: 001 - Country codes - area code – phone number.
To call the US phone number (612) 882 5439
US Country codes: 1; Area code: 612; Phone number: 882 5493
To make a call, dial: 001 1 612 882 5493

If calling from a cell phone/ mobile phone, you may need to arrange a roaming agreement with your service provider before you go. Check the rates you will be charged for outgoing and incoming calls as these can be very high compared to your home country. A cheaper alternative is often to buy a Thai SIM card to make calls during your stay in Thailand. These are cheap and easy to get at any shopping mall in Thailand which will have an assortment of telephone shops.

Being connected using an internet service is also another possible way while you are in Thailand, since Internet shops and cafes are plentiful in all cities and tourist areas. Rates vary and can range from 20 Baht – 60 Baht per hour (US$0.70 – US$2). Wi-Fi is available in many hotels, guest houses and bars.


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