Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let’s see how good your knowledge is of all things Costa Rica…

1. As in the Galapagos, several species are endemic to Cocos Island (found nowhere else in the world); one of them is the ________________.

2. Who was the first westerner in Costa Rica and is commonly credited (probably incorrectly) with dubbing the land “The Rich Coast”?

3. You can see the Costa Rican glass frog’s _________ beating through its abdomen.

4. Several thousand tough stabilizing roots up to 20 meters (66 feet) long wind through the loose sand from the base of coconut (Coco, Cocotero, Cocos nucifera) trees which are rarely toppled even by the strongest ________________.

5. ____________ in Northern Costa Rica has boiling mudpots, steam vents, and small geysers.

6. Costa Rica imports about half-a-million dollars worth of ___________ every year. Seventy-five percent from Mexico and the remainder from the U.S. and Europe.

7. ____________ are named after the color of the layer of fat on their meat, not the color of their shell.

8. Costa Rica has the cheapest, most convenient and reliable ______________ in Latin America

9. Several species of ___________ search miles from home to find the Bejuco de Pan (Dalechampia scandens) vines that produce a waterproof, moldable resin they use in nest construction.

10. Tarantulas (Matacaballos) can grow to over 10” (25 cm) and some can make a snakelike hiss by rubbing the hairs of their _________ together.

11. Each female leatherback will nest as many as 12 times a season, every ________ days or so (usually at night to avoid dehydration).”

12. Consistent winds across Lake ________ make it one of the premier windsurfing sites in the world.

13. Cebia or Kapok (Cebia petandra) trees are best known for producing __________ used in life preservers and furniture cushions, but their name comes from the Caribbean word for the canoes (cebia) that were carved from its long, straight, soft trunks.

14. The official term for a citizen of Costa Rica is ____________, but you will probably never hear it. Costa Ricans refer to themselves as Ticos and Ticas.

15. __________ peak in Costa Rica is home to the northernmost occurrence of the high altitude Paramo ecosystem

Expect the answers in a later post this week… is the suspense killing you??

We will thank our source in the next post… we don’t want to encourage cheating ☺

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