Monday, October 12, 2009

Costa Rica: Wildlife

Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world. The list of Costa Rica wildlife species found in this small country is extensive, thanks to its rich rainforest ecosystem and miles of beaches. Visitors wanting to see animals that they have never seen before will almost definitely accomplish that feat multiple times daily in this lush country.

Costa Rica is a dream location for people who love nature. Bird watchers have the chance to see over 800 species of birds including two species of macaws, over fifty species of hummingbirds, and a number of species of toucans. Those who like to keep their eyes out of the sky have plenty to see closer to the ground. Costa Rica animals include four species of monkeys, two types of sloth, and even jaguars and tapirs. For those who enjoy creepy-crawly bugs, amphibians, and reptiles, there are plenty of these too. Costa Rica is home to a large number of tree frogs, butterflies, lizards, sea turtles, and over 35,000 species of insects.

Due to the warm climate of Costa Rica, animals are mostly seen at dawn and dusk when the daytime temperature is at its coolest. Also, if staying outside of a large city, seeing exotic birds and animals becomes a natural occurrence, and sometimes an intimate up-close-and-personal one. For the most part, in areas where people are frequently present, animals in Costa Rica become accustomed to humans and are less skittish. This is most evident among the monkey population, particularly the Capuchin monkeys, who have made a habit out of stealing unattended food.

Sadly, there are several species of Costa Rica animals that are on the endangered species list. This include the leatherback sea turtles, the squirrel monkey, the jaguar, and both the great green and the scarlet macaw. The Costa Rican people and government are striving to save their wildlife.

What animal would you most like to see in Costa Rica?

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