Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Costa Rica: Know Before You Go!

Q- What is the difference between the rain forest and the cloud forest?
A- Mainly the altitude and the temperature. The rain forests are very hot and humid while the cloud forest are humid and moist. The species of flora and fauna are significantly different.

Q- Do I need an electric adapter for a hair drier?
A- That depends on the voltage in your home country. Outlets here are 110 V, with standard US two prong plugs (or three prong if grounded). Your hair blower, curling iron and all other appliances will work fine. Those of you from Europe will need the adapters, impossible to find easily in Costa Rica. Bring yours!

Q- If I decide to stay longer, can I get a visa while I am there?
A-When you enter Costa Rica, your passport will be stamped and that is your visa to be here. The length of time depends on your country of origin. Your visa CAN be renewed if you leave the country for 72 hours. This cannot be done forever, but 2-3 times is probably not a problem. Short trips to Panama, Nicaragua, or San Andres are cheap and available. When you return, your visa will be renewed automatically for 90 more days if you are from the USA. If you are not from the USA or Canada, check here as the rules are different for other countries.

Q-Is there and exit or departure tax in Costa Rica? If so, how much is it?
A- Departure tax is $26, can be paid in US Dollars, colones or with a Visa card. This must be paid at the point of exit. See Entry to Costa Rica.

Q- Are credit cards accepted in Costa Rica?
In the major tourist areas, yes. However, many locations do not accept credit cards, especially those great places where you actually see the artist creating something. Also, if ANYTHING is priced in dollars, you are VERY likely over paying! Carry some colones and use any you have left over to pay your Departure Tax.

Thank you to therealcostarica.com for their contribution to this post. What other questions do you have about Costa Rica? Did you find the above questions and answers useful?

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  1. I'm agree with the blog, Costa Rica is amazing and the adventure, nature and people are great.