Wednesday, September 9, 2009

China: What to wear?

There is no specific dress code to follow if you are visiting China. The people of China dress similarly to Western culture. The one thing to keep in mind is the time of year you are going and the location to where you are traveling. Some cities in China are warmer/colder depending on the time of year. Check the season list below to help you plan your trip and help you prepare what to pack!

Autumn (September-November)
Winter (December-February)
Spring (March-May)
Summer (June-August)

It is important to remember that summer is the rainy season in China. This is typically when many vacations are taken because this is when people have time off and it is warm over in the U.S. which reminds people of vacationing! Keep this in mind as the weather on your vacation to China is likely to be rainy and may require umbrellas and raincoats if you travel during the summer months!

Check out this site as it has compiled a list of clothing to be packed for every season you visit China!

Additional items to be packed include:
- plenty of sunscreen (although rainy, it is still hot and sunny in the summer!)
- hat (for protection from the sun and also as a fashion statement!)
- sunglasses
- comfortable walking shoes
- a water bottle (staying hydrated is important on your trip)
- universal plug (make sure your electronics are compatible)
- insect repellents
- TISSUES- most bathrooms DO NOT provide toilet paper for you.
- hand sanitizer
- traveler guides/ maps
- a camera

… And don’t forget stop at your Passport Health location to pick up your prescription for preventive malaria medication, a malaria kit which includes appropriate repellents containing DEET, as well as a kit for traveler’s diarrhea including antibiotics and re-hydration powders.

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Whats the one thing you never leave home without when traveling?


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