Monday, August 3, 2009

Did we make the grade?

So before we jump straight into a new country of the month, (which will be India) We wanted to take a deep breath and evaluate where we are and how we are doing. So this is where you come in!

Please tell us what you think of our blog posts. We know you are reading them, but we haven't heard many comments from you. Please tell us:

What you love
What you hate (cant fix a mistake unless we know what it is right?)
How often do you read our posts?
Is a new post everyday annoying, or does it satiate your hunger for travel?
What could we do better?
Is the information useful and interesting?
Would you share it with a friend?

Ok, that's enough questions! We'd really appreciate some comments below about how we are doing!

Thanks for sharing!

And tomorrow...INDIA!!!

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