Wednesday, June 24, 2009

South Africa- Best Kept Secrets

South Africa has a lot to offer including wildlife, adventure, cuisine and wine, culture and entertainment. Some of the best secrets aren’t even secrets, simply things you MUST do because they are some of the best activities South Africa has to offer!

Safaris are obviously a very popular activity tourists engage in while vacationing in South Africa. Did you ever think about a stargazing safari? The skies in South Africa are renowned for its spectacular stargazing opportunities. Kruger Park, admittedly a popular park, offers stargazing safaris in addition to the more traditional tourist safaris in the day. This celestial adventure is an experience only few have, so ask about this option when booking your safari tour!

Do you believe in the supernatural? You might want to consider starting to if you’re traveling to South Africa. South Africa is one of the most haunted countries in the World. SA offers many ghost tours to proudly prove this point. Ghosts ranging from murderers to murder victims, road accident fatalities and war spirits are among the few you can find in SA. Join the Mystery Ghost Bus Tour which runs its routes on the southern part of SA and includes guides with excellent story telling abilities and sometimes a stiff drink followed by a cemetery visit. The tour is sure to make your skin crawl. Cape Town and Pretoria also offer historical ghost tours. Pretoria has the most haunted residence in South Africa and is often referred to as the city of ghosts! Below is a story of a ghost that can be seen on a SA tour courtesy of South Africa Tourism site (

The most famous country spook is the Uniondale hitchhiker. On a stormy night in 1968, an Air Force officer and his fiancée crashed in their Volkswagen Beetle just outside the town in the Kamanassie Mountains. He was badly hurt, she died instantly. Since then, people traveling the area on rainy nights have picked up a woman hitchhiker – who then simply disappears into the darkness again.
Let the haunting begin…

Rather choose an activity with a different kind of thrill and adventure? Check out the Cape Wineland Adventures, specifically the Cape Wineland Sky Adventures. Enjoy the many extreme sports in the wine country including paragliding, skydiving, gliding, helicopter rides, air balloon rides, bike riding, hiking and white water rafting. Then relax by exploring South Africa’s wine cellars and wine tasting tours. Speak with your trip advisor about planning a relaxing wine tour including exhilarating sporting. The level of sport activity and wine activity can be personalized to your tastes!

Another great secret that makes Cape Town “cool” is Cape Quarter. This little area is home to great shopping, excellent restaurants, art, fashion, beauty and offices. It also offers great Bed and Breakfasts, eateries and outside cafes. Cape Quarter enjoys great proximity to the busy city center and the popular Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. All the locals are in the know, so check it out to truly enjoy an authentic South African vibe!

What’s your best kept secret of South Africa?

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