Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mexico- How to get around within the country

Welcome to Mexico… now how do I get around?

Getting around town by taxi is the preferred method of transportation in Mexico. Traveling within the town or on short trips generally has low, set fares as they are pre-determined by zones. Even the costs of trips to nearby cities are generally low, costing an average of $15-$20. Speak with your hotel staff as many resorts have a service or can help advise you of the best transportation method. Also, the government fails to enforce taxi regulations and there are many “illegal” taxi services. Don’t be surprised if your driver looks young, this is common practice in Mexico. Drivers can be as young as 15 years old, with parental permission of course! The legal driving age is 18… You also might be surprised to know that passengers can drink in the vehicle, however, the driver is not allowed. Rightfully so!

The bus is another popular transportation method used in Mexico. The bus system is not regulated by safety and will squeeze as many people in the bus as possible, so forget breathing room or personal space. In fact, during rush hours, people will be hanging out of the front and back of the bus! The fair is inexpensive and is sure to give you a taste of the “real” Mexican life. Because of these close quarters for travel, watch out for pick-pockets.

Lastly, walking. If you are in walking distance of attractions then walking can be a good option. Be aware that drivers do not always obey the set speed limits and rarely respect the pedestrian right of way rule. Have a careful eye out for the reckless drivers and make sure all cars are stopped before crossing. Additionally, the sidewalks may not be in the best condition. Tree roots and other obstacles may make you walk a little uneasy. It is not recommended for people in wheelchairs.

Whatever your transportation needs, Mexico is relatively easy to get around and has many options for tourists. Checking with the hotel staff is advised as they may have a service they provide to guests.

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