Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Egypt: What do I pack?

Due to the hot climate in Egypt, loose and light cotton clothing is highly recommended. Especially in the summer time, your choice of clothing is essential to your well-being on your trip.

Egypt is a predominantly Muslim country and therefore it is recommended to be considerate of its people and their culture and dress conservatively. When visiting tourist attractions such as churches or mosques, women as well as men should not wear shorts or short-sleeve shirts. In fact it is highly advised for women not to wear anything short or sleeveless in public. Unless you are at the beach or poolside, you should consider wearing clothes that cover most of your body. You may also want to bring a headscarf when visiting religious sites. Many of the native Egyptians are used to tourists and their varying wardrobe choices, but it is important to respect the culture in which you are traveling.

Key Items that should be on your Checklist:
  • plenty of sunscreen
  • sun hat or other covering (head scarf for women)
  • sunglasses
  • eye drops (it can get very dusty)
  • comfortable walking shoes
  • a filtered water bottle (staying hydrated is important on your trip)
  • power adapters (make sure your electronics are compatible)
  • traveler guides/ maps
  • a camera

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  1. cool post! thanks for sharing this! big help... knowing that Egypt would be hot normally we'd just put on shorts and sleeveless, but yeah, I do agree that we should be sensitive about their culture... great post!