Friday, April 24, 2009

Egypt: How to get around.

You've safely arrived in Cairo…
… Now what??

As Egypt’s capital and also the largest city in Africa, Cairo has a lot to offer. There is never a dull moment when you have such a variety of places to visit. There is Old Cairo with the famous Hanging Church or also the Ben Ezra Synagogue, Islamic Cairo with its bazaars and ancient mosques. Just outside the city you find the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza. But how do you get to those places? Here are some helpful tips that will make the “getting around” part of your trip a little easier.

You have several options when traveling within the city of Cairo. One would be simply to walk, another is taking a taxi, or even the Metro is an alternative.

Getting to the attractions within the heart of the city is your best bet. Make sure you have a map with you and if you are female, be aware of the extra attention you may get.

Hailing a cab is possible from about every street corner in Cairo. It is a very cheap and easy method to get around within the city.

Here are some helpful tips:
  • The meters don’t work, so agree on the price before you get in the cab
  • Single men sit in the front, single women sit in the back
  • Quite frequently the cab driver will pick up other passengers on the way, so don’t be alerted
  • Keep small notes on you so you can pay the exact amount when you get out of the cab
  • Hold on and thank the stars that you don’t have to drive!!!

Please see this video and be thankful for cabs…

Another option that you have is to ride the Metro. Cairo has the only metro system in Africa. It’s reliable, cheap and convenient.

Good Luck!

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