Thursday, March 12, 2009

Brazil :What do I pack?

Pack everything you think you need and then remove half. After you have carefully removed that half, take out some more!

TRAVEL LIGHT, buy the necessities when you arrive. With the airline restrictions getting more and more strict it will cost you more than its worth in the long run anyway. Keep a change of clothes (or at least clean underwear) in your carry on baggage just in case you arrive in Brazil BEFORE your checked baggage. Be aware that most luggage holds on planes are not pressurized so things like aerosols and camera lenses may be subject to ruin if left to the fate of the cargo hold (not to mention the tough journey through baggage handlers and conveyor belts before it even makes it to the plane!)

The airport in Rio De Janeiro is fully equipped with shops to purchase the necessities, exchange money, disabled accessible, and plenty of information desks to direct you where to go. There are several choices of transportation to and from the airport to many of the hotels and tourist attractions along the beach road. All major airports in Brazil most likely offer these same services.

Remember all those copies you made when you were planning your trip? (copies of all legal documents, hotel reservations, tour bookings etc.) They should each get a special place in every one of your bags, all your travel companions' bags and, depending upon how irreplaceable, on your person as well. If you find yourself separated from your baggage (or your travel companions) and in need of explaining who you are and why you are here to a Brazilian official, you definitely want your documents with you to back you up. Especially if you don't speak Portuguese! IF you and your companion are separated and you both have a copy of the hotel reservation, it will be much easier to reconnect without losing time and money traveling back and forth trying to locate one another.

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