Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tips for Holiday Travel

December 7, 2007

Beginning prior to Thanksgiving and lasting through the New Year, we experience this annual phenomena of stress with traveling over the holidays. Here are some helpful tips to help lessen the stress involved with waiting in lines and going through security checks. “It’s not a new message, but it’s even more applicable this year: If you’re flying this holiday season, be sure to allow plenty of time. And if you are traveling internationally, do not forget to visit your local Passport Health office to get the latest information on diseases and receive the vaccines you need to remain healthy while you travel.

‘We’ve said it every year, and we’re saying it again this year,’ Dan Melfi, Denver International Airport's (DIA) holiday spokesperson, ‘Travelers should be in the airline check-in lines in the terminal at least 2 hours before their flights are to depart. Add an additional hour if you’re traveling internationally.’

A number of airlines offer self-service check-in kiosks that can save travelers some time. But those are generally for people traveling only with carry-on luggage. If you’re checking bags, you may still need to go to a ticket counter after using the kiosk. Also, the federal government says wait times for security screening are getting longer at DIA as well.

Even though new TSA carry-on restrictions have been in place for more than a year, some travelers are still confused. To remember the rules, just think “3-1-1″: 3 ounces or smaller containers of liquid or gel are allowed in carry-on luggage; 1 quart-sized clear, plastic, zip-top bag holding ALL of the 3-oz containers; 1 bag per traveler. You must take these bags out of your carry-on luggage and place it in a separate security bin for screening. Travel tips concerning security-screening - including a list of items that cannot be taken on the aircraft - are available at the TSA’s Website.

Other travel suggestions include:
Check with your airline before leaving home to confirm that status of your flight.
Check-in online if possible. Checking bags at curbside may save time, but some airlines charge a small fee for this service.
Leave Christmas packages unwrapped. The TSA may open wrapped packages to see what’s inside.
Travelers are allowed only 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item (purse, laptop, etc.), so check as much luggage as possible. Put medications and other required items in your carry-on bag.

Parking or stopping along any airport roadway is illegal and dangerous, and violators are subject to towing and a fine.

All of us here at Passport Health wish you safe & happy travels this 2007 holiday season!


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